Cattle Bleeding Elevator


The elevator used in place of the cattle bleeding crane offers safer operation. It eliminates the risk of falling off the hook and cattle in the cattle removal process. And it also offers the possibility of more serial work. Instead of waiting for the hook to come back onto the rail, the cutting process continues by attaching hooks and animals to the propellant in its turn. It is recommended to use in more than 250 or more slaughterhouses per day.


  • The cattle bleeding elevator will be either stainless twin or monarayan.
    The folds of the chassis NPU profile will be manufactured so as not to interfere with the movement of the chain.
    The cattle bleeding elevator will raise ¼ carcasses to about 4500 mm with a slope of about 45 degrees with the help of propellant lugs placed at distances of about 600 mm on the chain.
    The initial height will be 1 mt and will rise at a 45 degree angle up to the bleeding line and connect to the bleeding line.
    The cattle bleeding elevator is 7.5 HP in power and will be driven by an infinite screw motor reducer. The speed will be about 22mt/min.
    One of the chain gears will provide movement from the motor-gearbox through the chain gear. A 10-gauge chain will be used.
    The other gear is a tensioning gear and will be mounted on the tail part of the chassis.
    Bearing of the gears to the chassis will be bearing.
    Elevator Drive section of the corridor twin, tail section of the floor will be mounted with special dowels.
    Hot-dip galvanized body, gear and chains will be electrogalvaniz.