Fixed Platform

Fixed Platform Fixed Platform


Fixed platforms are assembled from a single point in terms of hygiene. They are firm, stable and safe.

There must be a sink and knife steriliser in the platforms that are used in slaughterhouses.

Protection band is a surface made of plastic and that is washable.

The platform base is manufactured/produced by using non-slip aluminium material.


  • -Made of Stainless Material
  • -Hygienic Foot Assembly
  • -Protective Barrier
  • -Sink and Knife Steriliser


Fixed Platforms Fixed Platforms


Fixed platforms are used in many stations in the slaughterhouse. Those platforms could be used as tail opening station, skinning platform, veterinary control platform, breast opening platform, trimming platform. Average height of the platforms are manufactured as between 1200 mm and 1500 mm.

Tail opening platform
Tail opening platform