Blood Tank With Drying Unit

The blood tanks that has a capacity of 2 tons will be integrated with atomizer blood drying unit. The total length of this unity will be 4m and diameter will be 155cm. There will be a cyclone unit next to machine for sorting purpose of obtained final blood dust, and output air will be filtered. Blood tank with drying unit will be comprised of two different units. The upper unit will be a blood tank with 2 tons capacity and the bottom one will be drying unit. There will be a 1.1kW mixer motor on blood tank and there will be a mixer in the tank to prevent clothing.

The drying unit will be positioned below, and atomized blood will be transferred from the tank to the unit underneath. The below unit will dry the blood with a spraying system of 2200C. Dried blood will be sent to the cyclone via the cone underneath the system. The blood dust piled up in the cyclone will be collected from bottom chamber thanks to the fans blowing hot air. The drying capacity will be 2000lt per day. The tank will be completely manufactured from stainless steel.