Slaughterhouse Carcass Splitting Saw

Carcass Splitting Saw

Slaughterhouse carcass splitting saw for splitting all cattles.
Blade life : 300 - 400 carcasses per blade
Designed for the operator - ultra-thin rail for unobstructed vision and dual rear handles for comfort

Model: Slim line

Engine power:  minimum 4 kw

Cutting  Gap : Minimum 500 mm

Total weight of the saw  : 70 kg

Blade Length: Minimum 3230 mm

Drive Wheel Speed : 800 rpm

2 piece of backup blades will be given

60-70 kg balancer installation and adjustment will be installed.

Electronic control unit connections will be made and delivered in working condition.

There will be at least 1 spray water systems at the ribbon cutting point.

All equipment two years guaranteed.

For Cattle Abattoir systems.