Slaughterhouse Equipment Cattle Box

Cattle Killing Box For Slaughterhouses


Suitable for animals in each size

The system comes with a movable base.

Appropriate for halal cutting.

It works problem free in wet environments because of its full pneumatic system.

It is mounted to the ground on cattle cutting place. 3 sides of the system can be opened and closed thanks to pneumatic cylinders. Front face of the machine becomes fixed fenced structure in cattle processing only.

There are 2 pneumatic cylinders on the rear cover, 2 pneumatic cylinders on the front cover and 1 pneumatic cylinder on the guillotine cover.

Moving caps will be skid outside 100x100x3 mm box profile and within 120x120x3 mm box with polyethylene.

Chassis is manufactured from 100x100x3mm stainless steel profile.

Cell tray is manufactured as 1000 x 2400 mm stainless steel sheet with a section length of 5mm

Manufactured from 304 quality stainless steel completely.