Slaughterhouse Equipment Ritual Cattle Killing Box

Slaughterhouse Equipment Cattle Box

Ritual trap; provides your bovine fall onto gara by turning reaches up to 180 degrees with the help of engine reductors and with the help of collapsible floor-mounted pneumatic cylinders, in the cutting area of the bovine.
Redactor engine power should be 4 kW. Engine reductor with break will be used.

Complete stainless material

180 degree rotational movement feature
Machine will work with 8 bar air pressure.
It prevents the animal to struggle by clamping.
For an easy animal throttle process, there is a pneumatic mechanism which moves the head of the animal upward. This mechanism is completely produced by stainless steel and polyamide.

System will be completely produced by hot-dip galvanized steel and whole screws will be electro-galvanized.


Capacity: 60 head/hour

Drive: Electric - Pneumatic

Motor Power: 4000 W

Overal Dimentions: 2600x2300x2100 mm

Weight: 2600 kg

Rotation angle: 270 degree


Accessories: - 5 pneumatic piston, - 1 coupled engine-reducer, - remote controlled button, - transformer, - control panel
rotationary ritual trap.