Lung Cleaning Pan


In the slaughterhouse, the internal organs of the animal are transferred to different offal chambers according to their characteristics. The liver is taken to the liver chamber by means of the liver conveyor and placed in the repair pan. The necessary operations are done in this pan and it provides convenience thanks to its strap structure. The pan is manufactured using completely stainless material. And it has hanger system and washing apparatus on it.



  • The size of the ceiling is determined according to the location and dimensions of the lung chamber.
    Lung pan 800 mm. the height of the width of 800 mm length will be determined according to its place in the project. The sides will be made of reinforced 120 mm high 2 mm 304 quality stainless steel sheet.
    Liver pan chassis and feet 40*40*2 it will be manufactured from mm profile and will be AISI 304 stainless steel.
    Lung pan tripe waste disposal site shall be connected and assembled to tripe waste tape in a cone-shaped production under the grill with grating or holes so that the waste may land at the bottom.
    Water inlet and drain connections will be made.

Lung Cleaning Pan PICTURES