Offal Transport Cart


They are special built cars that enable the offal to be transported to offal rooms or shipping departments in the slaughterhouse. This carriage is made of 304 grade stainless steel. It has been designed in accordance with the crossing gates within the slaughterhouse. Heavy duty wheels that can easily pass through the floor grille and Section separators are used in the slaughterhouse area.



  • Chassis 40*40*2 mm AISI304 profile will be made of stainless steel.
    Boat dimensions: width 600 mm, length 1000 mm, height 300 mm
    The sheet sheet forming the boat is AISI304 stainless steel sheet, min. It will be 2mm thick of meat. The handle is 1 " in diameter and min. The AISI304 is stainless with a thickness of 2mm meat and the corners will be from the AISI304 stainless pull bracket.
    The front of the boat will be conical, angled from the middle to the outside to facilitate the evacuation of the tripe from the inside of the boat.
    The sides of the boat will be rounded at least 25 mm in diameter.
    Under the chassis 2 fixed and 2 360 degree rotatable Ø 125 mm diameter polyamide wheel will be found.
    The car will be complete Aisi 304 stainless steel.