All equipments are manufactured from 304 quality stainless steel from the first cutting process to loading location in professional slaughterhouse systems. Cutting speed and operator safety comes first for us. Operators have a full hygiene control thanks to hot and cold water sinks, saw sterilizers, and apron washing units. They don’t need to leave the platform they work to reach these units. The bleeding and processing lines move forward automatically. The equipments are manufactured from high quality material for best performance. It almost doesn’t need any physical strength. All of the offals is transferred to offal house with a conveyor untouched. Carcass meat is subjected to dried showering process and subjected to pre-cooling process before transferred to cooling rooms. Meat splitting process is performed with the help of tape system machine. Robot arm is used for carcass loading process. Following and weight control processes are performed for both carcass and offals on computer. Offals are controlled by veterinary by means of conveyors. There is a disposal furnace for products that need to be disposed and a different cold room for carcass meats that needs a second evaluation.