System that Works During Automatic Hook Switch
Silent and Controlled Descending

Provides the descending process of unused hooks to 1.5m in height on bleeding line for cattle slaughter process in a silent and controlled way. 

Mounted with 0.35 hp power and angled with a 45 degree slope.

Prevented from falling with 40x5 metal sheet housing around the monorail.

Hook lowering pipe has a 4mm thickness, 60mm diameter, and is made of 304 quality stainless steel.

There is a sensor system which can be activated automatically with hook switch.
Engine power will be at least 0,5 HP and flanged connected.
There will be a protection around the pipe rail for not dropping the hooks (at least 40 mm width and 5 mm thick metal sheet). The pipe will be at least 3 mm thick and diameter of 60 mm.
System is completely hot-dip galvanized.