Sheep Processing Conveyor



Conveyor carrier is manufactured from NPI 160 profile material. It is connected to carrying system like cattle bleeding line

The conveyor is driven with an engine-reducer with 3HP power that is determined according to its length and works both horizontal and vertical.

Maximum conveyor speed is 6-8m/min

The center points of the gears that will be used 45-90 or 180 degrees rotational movements have a ball bearing, and the conveyor carrier is connected to the underneath of NPI 160 profile material by means of special sheets

There will be a distance of 1000mm between sheep carcasses during the process on the chain. There will also be stainless steel hooks with 400 mm between two feet.

Conveyor chain will be an 8 caliber chain.

Stretching system will be made with one of those corner gears.

There will be dual hooks which are made from stainless material, These hooks will have a 300-350mm width.

The sheeps will be hanged to these hooks on transferring platform.

Conveyor chain will be connected to a saddle consisting of two special made polyethylene wheels.

These saddles will be arranged with 500mm intervals.

Conveyor chassis will be manufactured from hot-dip galvanize, sheep hangers will be manufactured from 304 quality stainless material, and the chain will be manufactured from electro galvanized material.

The system will be compatible with a time relay that can be added upon request.

Sheep Processing Conveyor PICTURES