Slaughtering Equipment Carcass Loading Arm

carcass loading arm carcass loading arm


The carcass loading arm has a carrying capacity of 240 kg. It has a maneuvering area of 2.5 meters. Height working area is between 1 mt and 2,4 mt. It has a rotation angle of 270 degrees. It is operated manually. Pneumatic control mechanism offers serial use.


  • Stainless body
  • Sliding system movement
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic system
  • Fast system
control mechanism control mechanism

Meat loading robot which has a stainless body, is used to carry quartered carcass meat taken from 2400mm maximum height into trolley thanks to its rotational body. It is easy to use because of its manoeuvre feature with 360 degrees rotational movement. It dosen't need so much space due to its foldable structure. The unity was mounted into body in hydraulic version and so it doesn't need a second unity on the outside.

sliding system
sliding system